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Our Location Was Flooded, Virtual Classes ONLY For Now

What a way to start the new year! In January our location was flooded due to backed up sewer lines. It affected the entire city block. Luckily, the water was clear of waste but it exploded through the toilets and rained down for hours ruining the floors, and ceiling of the lower level. The entire interior must now be demolished and rebuilt. After waiting over a year to finally open the doors to the public due to the city dragging its feet on providing the Certificate of Occupancy, and then the quarantine; it's definitely disheartening to now be faced with this cause to close.

But God is always good! I have moved every out to a high school in Camden where I will be administering the fashion design certification program for the remainder of the school year.

And for those who don't attend this school, we will create beautiful things together over Zoom! Keep your eyes on the schedule to register for upcoming classes and workshops!

Thanks for your continuous support. xo

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