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Your career in Fashion Design begins here.

About the 

Fashion Design Center

of South Jersey

Enjoy the Moment

Founded by Terina Nicole Hill, a NYC fashion industry vet and owner of Jypsea Leathergoods, an eco-friendly line of leather accessories. Terina has also operated fashion boutiques and supported emerging designers through her book, ENVISION, The Young Accessory Designer's Guide to Collection Development as well as through the Independent Designers Showcase, an annual fashion show and pop-up shop for South Jersey's fashion designers.

Although she's been blessed to have earned 3 degrees in art/design, Terina did not want to see financial limitations discourage talented young creatives from following their dreams of a career in the fashion industry. She also sees fashion design as a way to combat the poverty in Camden, NJ by helping locals gain valuable skills that can lead to new sources of income.

FDCSJ empowers emerging designers with courses, resources, opportunities and mentorship to ensure all who desire to design fashion are prepared to do so. To make it accessible to all, scholarships and reduced tuition for Camden residents are subsidized by donations, grants and students who can afford to pay full tuition.

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Sponsors, Corporate Donors & Partners

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